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    Google On China - No More Censorship !
    The Legal Battle Between Apple and Samsung
    {} Big Toe InteractiveBig Toe InteractiveSubscribe1,166
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    1355ShareEmbedEmail SHOW MORE Published on Feb 3, 2013
    PayPal Donations:
    Our second game, Urban Santa is now free online, go over to to play. Here's the link, and please let us know what you think:
    In this tutorial, I will be talking about the starting point of every programmer, the Hello World app.
    PLEASE NOTE: This series is made for the total beginner programmer. Once we establish some of the basic, general programming concepts and syntax, we will be quickly moving towards creating small games.
    SHOW MOREALL COMMENTS (60)Add a public comment...Top comments {} XICO 6 months agoHello! Im planning on getting started with ActionScript programming, may i ask what IDE are you using (atleast during these videos)? Cheers and thanks alot for the tuts!Reply·
    {} Big Toe Interactive 6 months ago+XICO Hi, I am using Flash CS5.5 in this whole series. There shouldn't be any major differences with CS6 or CC, for our purposes. As the series goes on you'll see we move away from writing code in the IDE, and instead learn the better way, which is writing our own classes. Hope you like the series!Reply·
    {} WankersCramp69 3 months agoOk, so in laymans idiot terms what are Actionscript Classes? Do we need them? What are they for and such? Please can someone explain them in gentle idiot talk?Reply·
    {} boobeebah13 5 days agoi think it's better for beginners in actionscript, who just want to focus on code, to use something like flashdevelop or another code IDE. because using flash does bring up some confusion for beginning programmers who probably barely know what flash isReply·
    {} Squiddy McCloud 8 months agoThanks i learned so much from these videos and i also like that you sound like the guy from everybody loves raymondReply·
    View all 3 replies {} Squiddy McCloud 7 months ago+Big Toe Interactive Yes ray romano. I crack up every time you say my wife Debrah lol. When people ask me what i`ve been up to i tell them i`ve been watching your videos. Then i do a cruel impression of you. I feel guilty about that so to make up for it i will make a paypal donation if you say in one of your videos " Ohhh Noooooo someones been messing with my code........ROBERT! "Reply· 1
    {} Big Toe Interactive 7 months ago+Squiddy McCloud Haha! You have literally made me tear up laughing, imagining your impression of me to your friends. If you're promising a donation, I will promise to say those exact words in my next tutorial! That will be "Tutorial 23:Turn-Based Strategy Game", look for it to come online in the next week or so.Reply·
    {} Bevvon Heyward 3 hours agoill get more in depth if you are interested. thanks manReply·
    {} Hilder Gill 5 months agoNo programming background? I said that you've programmed using ActionScript for 5 years.......Reply·
    {} MrAbadd0n 5 months agoTnx man!Reply·
    {} Adolf Hitler 8 months agoOmfg what am I doing wrong here? I can write thinks in Lua but that Hello_txt.text = "Hello World"; Doesnt wnt 2 wrk with me if typed it a billion time exactly lik u hav it but it just wont wrk. Its a dymanic text box I named it Hello_txt I copied it from the box heeeeeeeeeeeellllllllllllllllllllllllllllpppppppppppppppppppReply·
    {} leirgauk 9 months agoIt's annoying that your interface is so zoomed out. I can't read the tiny text. It's like that when I run Flash too. Does anyone know how to make it bigger? I can only make the Windows interface bigger, but that definitely helps a lot.Reply· 1
    View all 3 replies {} leirgauk 9 months ago+Haley Ervin-Novak But can you change the Flash interface size WITHIN Flash? I can't do that, but I can change the general size in windows settings, which helps a lot. But I'd still like it even bigger ^^Reply·
    {} Haley Ervin-Novak 9 months ago+leirgauk I did a quick lookthrough in Flash's settings but didn't see anything. It might just change because of the way it's coded to look on bigger screensizes. Reply·
    {} HypSandar 4 months agou suckReply·
    {} Lynn Strauch 1 year agouh...when you first open Flash CS5 What do you choose, and how do you make the text box? Thanks. I am used to Dreamweaver where you insert the form text box, but not via Flash. Thanks.Reply·
    {} Big Toe Interactive 1 year agoSorry, you click the "T" icon on the left side, then just click the stage area to place itReply·
    {} Michael Baisuck 1 year agoI salute you! I've been using Flash for marketing, games and Android prototype development since '98. I am also self-taught with no programming or computer science background. Don't listen to the nay-sayers. They're just frustrated with Flash and taking it out on you. One thing I have learned in all my years of using Flash: If you are not cursing Flash, it's creators, and your own stupidity on a fairly regular basis, you are doing something wrong. :-)Reply·
    {} Braleven 1 year agoFor anyone who doesn't know how: To make that textbox, click the letter T on the right side of Flash. Next, click a keyframe at the bottom. Now, click in the blank stage to place a text box. On the right side click "properties" (next to library). If the text info doesn't pop up, click the arrow tool at the top of the tool list and then click your placed text box. Okay, now you should see the text information. Make the name "Hello_txt" or whatever you want it to be and then set it from stactic by default to dynamic.Read moreReply· 1
    View all 2 replies {} Grant Norris 1 year agoFor anyone using CC (2014) like I am, you have to change from static to dynamic text first, otherwise the naming box doesn't appear and the text box will disappear when you click away from it . Took me a few minutes to figure this out.Reply· 1
    {} Agelvik 1 year ago (edited)And so my coding journey begins... Thank you so much for this! I am so hype to get into programming.Reply·
    {} Braleven 1 year agoThank you very much, just the tutorial I like to see. Not many AS3 game tutorials out there either. Great job, man. What are the resources you originally learned from? I want to make games like Dad n Me, Alien Hominid, and Castle Crashers. It's my dream.Reply·
    {} Balázs Lencse 1 year agoyour games are terribleReply· 2
    View all 4 replies {} Big Toe Interactive 1 year ago+AMrTheAn You're missing the point...Everyone is entitled to their opinion, and I want criticism, but don't be a jerk about it. If you don't like something that's fine, but explain WHY. That way I can improve this tutorial series. Comments like yours and his just attempt to pull people down to your level. Reply· 3
    {} John Rogers 1 year ago+Big Toe Interactive No. You know what? No matter what you do, you'll have haters. This guy... spends his TIME, working and showing people how to make games. I don't even make games, I design websites but this stuff is VERY useful to know. So thank you Big Toe, thank you for showing us the basics of Actionscript.Reply· 2
    {} daYps3 1 year agothe beginning coined me perfectly - So I'll be watching all of these! Thanks very much!! Reply· 1
    {} Lynn Strauch 1 year agoDo you show anything with adding a payment venue for games like PayPal? Going to work through these tutorials, but need that section as well. Thanks.Reply·
    {} Sam Zhang 1 year ago (edited)How do i download this program, i kinda know barely anything Is this the same as Adobe SDK? I don't know how to program and i want to start somewhere so is this the place to start?Reply·
    {} Migas de Sousa 1 year agoThis is Flash CS5.5 i guess. you can download in the adobe site a free 30 days trial here·
    {} Financial Training Company 2 years agoNIce tutorial. I hope you will make some cool tuts about AS3 OOP with multiple classes in game programming world. I am new to programming and feel it is big pain to make something useful without classes. Subscribed!
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    Year 9: Information Software and Technology
    Ten technologies your kids don't understand
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