Useful Links for Information Technology VET Year 11 & 12

HTML Tutorials

Search Engines

Wolfram alpha

English Dictionaries

Ergonomic conditions in workplace

Correct Posture Tips
Ergonomics and safety for an office worker
Safe T – resources for young workers
Ergonomics in Australia

Letter Writing
Letter Writing Guide

How to Write a Letter
Letter writing

Memo writing
How to write Memos

How to Write a Memo

NBL websites
National Basketball League
NBL Basketball results
NBL championship - wikipedia

National Rugby League
NRL Rugby League results
NRL championship - wikipedia

Analysis & Predictions

What is analysis

What is prediction

Briefing Notes Writing

Writing Briefing Notes

How To Write A Briefing Note
Briefing Notes

Tips for effectivepowerpointpresentation techniques
Tips_for_making_effective_ppt presentation

Power Point Tips 2
Power Point Tips 2

Resume writing
How to write a resume1
How_to_write_resume 2