Student’s Responsibilities

Before the lesson

  • Line-up outside the classroom and wait for teacher’s instructions.

  • Come to class prepared and on time.

  • Take out your pencil case, books, note books from lockers/bags before the lesson.

  • Place your books, pencil case and school diaries on your desk and wait for teacher’s instructions.

During the lesson:

  • Always follow the teacher’s directions. (Say We Listen and Obey)

  • Keep your hands, feet and other objects away from others.

  • Always raise your hand before you ask a question.

  • Always remain on your seat unless teacher asks you to move.

  • Talking between the students is not allowed during the lesson unless working in groups or authorised by the teacher.

  • Non compliance has severe consequences.

At the end of the lesson

  • Copy homework in your school diary.

  • Pack-up and clean- up your space before you leave.

  • Leave your classroom clean and tidy at the end of each lesson (Cleanliness is a Part of Your (Iman) Faith)

  • Class will be dismissed in an orderly manner.