IPT Videos

IPT Videos

IPT HSC sample exam papers with band description


Network topologies

Incremental vs. Differential Backup

Data Warehousing - An Overview

DATA MINING | The Checkout | ABC1

What is RFID & How RFID Works

Magnetic ink character recognition

MSRC206, Magnetic Stripe Card Reader

How Barcodes Work

Ethernet data collision: formation of data packets, routing

The New 802.11ac Standard: 256-QAM Explained

Explained: What is a DAC

Parity Check

Check Sum


Implementing 1NF, 2NF, 3NF

How a data packet travel via a network

IP Packet

NASA Project Management Challenge 2007

System development life cycle
Context Diagram

Data flow Diagram

Five Components

How a Swimming Pool Filter System Works Video

How an ATM works?

how GPS works

How the internet works

4G What Is It?



People (Users/Participants)

Processes (7 information processes)


Vector VS Bitmap

Image Compression - Making Contact

CRT How to work

Cathode Ray Tube

LCD Monitor Technique Animation

TFT / LCD Monitor - How it works! (3D Animation)

How do plasma screens work?

How Touchscreen Works


Grandfather, Father, Son (GFS) vs. Progressive (Incremental Forever) Backup Paradigm

RFID - What is it and how is it used?

IBM RFID Commercial - The Future Market