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The purpose of this website is to demonstrate the learning techniques which would facilitate the student's knowledge acquisition and help them to enhance their existing subject related understandings and skills. The other rationale of this website is to provide a persistent help to the students whenever reqired. Through the site students would be able to communicate with each other on the homework or assignments or project related issues and site will be updated consitently.
Students would find different kind of information on this website and information has been placed under the respective categories as follows
This website would provide easy access to the information, online notes, instant support from fellow students and from the educator. Information on assignments and projects would also be posted on the website accordingly and student may be able to submit their work online by using edmodo page.

NSW school term dates

NSW schools Term dates

BOSTES Syllabus
Information Processes and Technology
Software Design and Development
Information and Digital Technology
Industrial Technology: Multimedia
Information and Software Technology

HSC resources
NSW Board of Studies
NSW Department of Education

English Dictionaries

Islamic Links
Islamic prayer time and news
Learn Arabic online
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